dijous, 28 de setembre de 2017

This is our school

Hi! This is a special post for our eTwinning partners. We have prepared some photos and descriptions to show our school in this afternoon English lessons. Thanks for your visit! :)

This is the Natural Science classroom, also know as "The Museum". There are two skeletons and other elements (for example, a bird skull!).

This is the lab. We do experiments here. There are computers and different materials to investigate (magnifiers, microscopes...).

 This is our playground. There is a pond:
 A cabin:
 and a train for kindergarten:
 This is the computer classroom. There are many good laptops. We love playing games here. We look for information, too.
 This is our school canteen. he cooks are very nice, and our favourite food is eggs with bechamel.

 This is a 6th grade classroom:
 And the Music classroom. We love Music! In this classroom there are many instruments, for example: a guitar, drums, a piano, flutes...

dimarts, 19 de setembre de 2017

Hi, boys and girls. As we are reviewing the time, here you are the clock we have used at the classroom. I hope you enjoy a lot!!! 

Resultat d'imatges de primary clock